raindesign mDisplay Stand proposal
I was getting fed up with poorly designed display stands and inadequate risers so I designed my own riser stand with raindesigns in mind as I love their products.
Dominos Ultimate Delivery Vehicle (DXP)
Reinventing the Pizza Delivery experience for the driver and the customer.
Local Motors Swim - Color & Trim
Giving the second LM 3D Printed vehicle a true 'beach buggy' feel ready for the waves.
Local Motors Cruiser 02 Black Edition
Taking the Local Motors Cruiser to the next level with a focus on premium materials.
Local Motors Cruiser Prototype
The Local Motors Cruiser Prototype was made in the fall of 2013 based on the design of Ianis Vasilatos.
Local Motors Rally Fighter Gen 2 Interior
As a premium off road vehicle, the 2nd Gen Rally Fighter needed a premium feeling interior that could withstand the elements.
2014 IMTS Rally Fighter Photo Shoot
One very special car. One very special photo shoot.
Honda eā€¢Dream Concept
Developed as a mid range vehicle sharing solution for urban to suburban areas, with zero emissions.
uMake Jet Engine (Featured on iPad Pro Website)
Jet Engine modeled entirely in uMake on an iPad for the launch of the 2017 iPad Pro series
CH-1 Spaceship for Apple Keynote/ iPad Pro Launch
NURBS modeling on the iPad was totally out of this world! So Apple needed a model to demonstrate this.
Ceas: TimeWave
Inspired by sailing, sketched in uMake on a boat, perfected in Rhino, rendered in Keyshot. A fun Design exercise.
uMake Promotional Videos
uMake revolutionized the ability to quickly communicate ideas in 3D. These videos demonstrate just how powerful the app is.
Scion Toruku
Add some twist to the Scion Fuse with the Scion Toruku. This was a design project I did as a student at Creapole.
VW Flower Power Wheel
A design concept for a customizable wheel inspired by nature. Add some Flower Power to your VW and rock the neighborhood in style!
Rally Fighter Configurator Video
The Rally Fighter was always wrapped in Vinyl. When Local Motors built a configurator, this is the promotional video we created for it.
Peterbilt Road Icon Gen 2 Design Challenge
The Local Motors RIG2 Design challenge pushed designers to share their vision for the Road Icon Gen 2 truck to help Peterbilt evolve it's iconic designs for the 21st century.
Local Motors Badge Set
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