The design process is my passion. 

With over a decade working as a designer, consultant, teacher, project manager and content creator, I work to help companies, communities and individuals create amazing products, engaging content and groundbreaking experiences. 

I thrive in taking on challenging projects, and going deep into the exploration phase to truly understand the challenges that each project and process may have. I was raised with the motto "Don't judge a person until you've walked 100 miles in their moccasins" -- which has always pushed me strive to put empathy at the forefront of my design process. 

I love constraints - I feel that the best design and biggest breakthroughs happen happen when there are stringent boundaries, design requirements, cost requirements, functional requirements, ergonomic requirements and more. 

Some of my achievements over my career include:

- Onboarding and implementing Virtual Reality design in over 60 companies 
- Created 4 design curriculums at the high school level, and coached a high school robotics team that went to the international championships in 2019. 
- Assisting with the launch of uMake - a 3D sketching and ideation application for the iPad. uMake went on to win the 2015 iPad app of the year and has been a features application in every iteration of the iPad Pro. 
- Lead the design of the Dominos Delivery Expert Pizza Delivery Vehicle. 155 Units were built and used in the USA from 2015-2018. What began as a marketing project transformed into a vehicle designed to improve the work experience and livelihood of the delivery driver. 
- Lead the growth of the worlds largest automotive design community through the Local Motors co-creative platform. Grew the community 30x during my time there. 
If you are looking for a designer to help with strategy, software implementation and tutoring, design consulting, or project management, feel free to reach out. 

I look forward to talking. 

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