The Local Motors Rally Fighter is a unique blend of off road chops with on road manners and could turn heads anywhere it went. It was designed around a unique ownership experience that started with a one of a kind build experience at the Local Motors micro factory in Phoenix Arizona. When an customer purchased a Rally Fighter, they would spend two weekends building their Rally Fighter with the assistance of the Local Motors build team. 
Each Rally Fighter was unique and featured a custom exterior vinyl wrap job, and for those who wanted, each interior could be customized as well. 
For the second generation Rally Fighter interior, we used a moulded dashboard, center console and inner door panels. These would then be painted (the default was a dark grey) and wrapped with vinyl accents according to the customers taste. 
I worked with the Local Motors team to assist in sourcing and comparing parts such as the steering wheel, switches, infotainment, vinyl and material treatments. Essentially we needed to create a functional, durable, and cost effective interior using off the shelf parts that could work together to create a nice experience while looking good even with lots of dirt inside. 
Below are a few photos of bespoke interiors that I assisted with.

This was essentially the standard interior for 2012-2016. Dark grey painted parts, Carbon and Aluminum accents. Leather wrapped steering wheel. (Customers loved and wanted the carbon wrap)
Bespoke interior featuring a dark grey Dash and center console, red vinyl accents, a custom shift knob, and upgraded infotainment. 
Designed for a friend of Jay Leno, this bespoke interior was done to match the customers Bugatti Vernon which featured an carbon fiber exterior and bright orange interior. Thus we matched the interior of his rally fighter, along with the carbon accents, upgraded infotainment and audio. 
Custom stitched leather interior panels were an option and were able to be added/ removed by the customer. These were created in response to customer feedback, that when they went out to a nice event, they wanted just a bit more 'plush' to their vehicle. Thus we used a beautiful combination of leather and contrasting stitching to accent the interior. Often we would match the sitting to the outside. 
As the Rally Fighter had 2 keys (one for the doors, one for ignition, we partnered with Keyport to create a custom key system for the Rally Fighter. We even got them to match the exterior finish to the FibreForge carbon fiber parts on the outside of the Rally Fighter. 
The default seats in the Rally Fighter came from Mastercraft as they were known for their durability, and versaitilyt in off road applications as well as their comfort. However, Rally Fighters could be upgraded with seats from Reccaro and Sparco as well. 

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