In the summer of 2012, Local Motors partnered with Dominos Pizza to design and build the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. Working with teams from Dominos and Local Motors, I led the project for the initial design phase. This included setting up and managing 5 design challenges (Exterior Design, Packaging, Interior design, Surfacing and Rendering) creating final renders and animations, and a final design delivered to Dominos. 

In addition, I created several prototypes and mockups from designs submitted to the Local Motors community, and ran several live collaborative discussions with the community. 

Local Motors handed over the final design proposal to Dominos in June 2013. In October 2015 Dominos Pizza announced the initial production of 100 Dominos DXP (Short for Delivery Expert) delivery vehicles based on the design from Local Motors. The production DXP is almost exactly the spec of what Local Motors handed Dominos in 2013. 

There are now 154 DXP's currently on the road. 

Exterior Design: Inspired by Anej Kostrevc
Packaging: Local Motors community effort. 
Interior Design: Influenced by 
Surfacing: Local Motors community Effort
Rendering: Local Motors community Effort

152 Local Motors community members collaborated on the design of the DXP. 9 Community members participated in all 5 phases. 

The Dominos management team was critical in helping make this vehicle a huge success.

Below is the final Animation for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle (UDV) now known as the Delivery Expert (DXP) that I created as part of the design proposal. This video covers the various details we included in the design. 
This was the final detail video I created for the final design proposal delivered in 2013. Animated in Autodesk Showcase, Edited in Final Cut Pro and ScreenFlow. 
The Chevy Spark was our starting point. This was the first CAD model with the oven door and car topper we had to use for both graphic exploration and continued design refinement. 
Over 50 different graphic explorations were proposed. Here is a subset of the designs proposed. 
To test how the colors and materials would work together, we used our prototype mule and tested graphic variations on it. 
Final 3/4 Front rendering design proposal. 
Production Version. Image -
Final right side design proposal
Production Version. Image -
Below are images of the production DXP that is currently in circulation. Dominos worked with Roush to build the final production units. Amazingly they included small details like Domino's logo wheel caps - (we did this for fun at Local Motors, not expecting it to make it to production. The color scheme, vehicle topper, and materials used were almost exactly to the spec we gave them. Dominos added some additional decals but overall, as you can see below, the production version is unchanged. 
Production units outside Dominos Headquarters. Photo: Dominos
Screen Capture from Dominos Ad for the DXP
Order your Pizza today. To find a DXP near you, visit     Image from Dominos Website:
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