CH-1 Spaceship made in uMake
In the summer of 2015, I was asked by uMake to create a conceptual spaceship in uMake-- something that was simple and recognizable, not too complex, but interesting to look at. 

At the time uMake was still in beta, and while sketching in 3D was amazing, uMake had several challenges (no layers, no easy way to connect curves) that made creating something like this quite a feat. 

In a good and long night of work, the CH-1 was born, affectionally nicknamed 'sharky' for it's design. 

The CH-1 is an intergalactic explorer and cargo hauling ship. It's mission is to roam space on exploration missions, but also transport cargo from substation to substation. 

Below you see it as it was featured on the original webpage for the iPad Pro, as well as being shown at the 2015 special Fall Event on stage. 
Phil Schiller announcing "Other apps that we've never seen before"  at the 2015 fall event. 
Solid White model of the surfaced version of the CH-1-- Rendered in key shot. 
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