Creating videos has been a passion of mine since I learned Final Cut V2. Since then It's become part of my career. Below are some examples of videos I've created over the years to inspire designers around the world. 

Created for the Local Motors 3D printed Car Design challenge. Animations created using Autodesk Showcase. 

AutoR FuturVision Machines of the Underworld Design challenge became one of the most successful and talked about challenges at Local Motors. The video was made using after effects, motion, and final cut studio. 

This video was created to present the final vision for the Dominos Ultimate Delivery Vehicle (UDV). Eventually it became the Dominos Delivery Expert, with over 150 units in circulation in the Unites States since 2015. 

This video was created in 2010. The audio was recorded using an iPhone 3G. The entire animation was created in Keynote, and then timed to the audio and music. I know there are much easier and better ways to do this now, but when all we had was very slow Mac, Keynote, and GarageBand, the problem solving used to created this was quite innovative. 

uMake Promo videos
uMake tutorial video (shipping container house) 
uMake Getting started video

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