As the world warms, and the Arctic begins to change, the need for more exploration to understand how the Polar caps of the planet-- both the Arctic and Antarctic is becoming more important than ever. 

The TPX-0805 Was developed as a self sustaining vehicle, laboratory, and cargo hauler. The entire front cab is the size of a small home, consisting of a kitchen, living space, command space, 6 beds, and a lavatory. 

Aft of the cab, the vehicle can carry a full laboratory for analizing ice, animals, water samples, atmospheric samples and more. 

The entire rear Lab can be dropped of at research stations for a season, enabling the vehicle to become a cargo hauler. 

The vehicle is powered by a miniature nuclear system, augmented by solar power and hydrogen fuel cells depending on the needs of the scientists. 

Designed for the Agorapode Design Contest for February 2023. This was done in 3 days. 

Designed in Gravity Sketch Collab 
Rendered in TwinMotion

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